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Lighthouse offers ideal apartment rental for expats in Eindhoven Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands

Are you about to move to the Netherlands from abroad? Of course, this involves a lot. Probably a new job, a new culture and of course a new place to live. At Lighthouse, we facilitate various rental apartments that seamlessly match the living requirements of an expat.

Why choose Lighthouse?

Lighthouse "Eindhoven's tallest residential tower" offers 333 luxury rental apartments varying in various housing types. Go for a compact and comfortable studio, a One- or Two- Bedroom apartment or move into a penthouse with breathtaking views.


Lighthouse offers the right living space for a wide audience and is the ideal starting point for social interaction in our community.


All properties are delivered ready to live in. This means that all properties are equipped with floor, bathroom and kitchen (including appliances). The ideal homes for expats moving to the Netherlands.


Unload the removal van in Eindhoven and your Ligthouse living pleasure can start immediately.

Lighthouse Einhoven Expat Expat Einhoven Living Expat Eindhoven Rental apartment Expat

Moving to Eindhoven

For all relevant information on financial matters, visa/work permit, culture, healthcare and housing, visit Holland Expat Centre South   


Easily arrange your move from abroad? Go to (company) and discover the possibilities.

Municipality of Eindhoven

The municipality is responsible for dealing with new tenants moving to Eindhoven from abroad. All information on procedures and scheduling appointments can be found on the website of the Municipality of Eindhoven.


Daily life in the Netherlands

Public transport 

Public transport infrastructure in the Netherlands is of a very high quality. Travel easily by bus, tram, metro, ferry and train across the country. We advise you to use the app 9292. This app offers options from all carriers within the Netherlands. Apply for your OV chip card here. With this card, you can check in with any Dutch carrier.



Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is number 1 of non-English-speaking countries where English is spoken best. 93% of Dutch people speak English well to very well. So as an expat, you can get around in Dutch society just fine.



Did you know Eindhoven has an international primary/middle school called International School Eindhoven.

Read all about Dutch education on the website of the central government of the Netherlands.


As in many European countries, payments in the Netherlands are made in euros. There are favourable tax advantages for expats read all about it here.

Living in Strijp-S

This creative part of Eindhoven has more than enough to offer such as funky restaurants and bars, various art galleries, a lively food market (including a supermarket), cinema, clothes shops and much more!


The area is characterised by its unique art and references to the former Philips factory.

Lighthouse Einhoven Expat Expat Einhoven Living Expat Eindhoven Rental apartment Expat

Technical capital 

Eindhoven is known as the tech capital of the Netherlands with knowledge and skills from home and abroad. With companies like Brainport, ASML, Phillips and don't forget the technical studies that prepare young talent.


We at Lighthouse understand that for technical expats a nice home is essential to perform well every day. we create rental apartments full of comfort and modern resources for a pleasant living experience in Eindhoven!

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