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1,000m2 Commercial space

Your company at Lighhouse Eindhoven Strijp-S?

Divided over two floors in the bustling heart of urban Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

Year of construction 2022-2025 - Completion mid-2025 - Rent €166.00 p/m2/year excl- Machinekamerplein 34 & 36 5617 AP Eindhoven Strijp-S

Central location
in Strijp-S

Lighthouse is located in the commercial heart of Strijp-S, the urban area of Eindhoven known for its young and fresh businesses.

From the commercial space, you can reach a bus stop and the train station (Eindhoven Strijp-S) within minutes.


Strijp-S is the former Philips site. Many details of the electronics giant can be found in the immediate vicinity.

Sustainable business

A sustainable building with high living comfort for the users of Lighthouse is our focus.


On the outside, this is visible in the full brick outer façade and aluminium window frames that require virtually no maintenance and will last for generations. 

On the inside, this is noticeable in the efficient energy supply that originates from sustainable and local sources.


In winter, the floors provide heat and in summer the same floors provide cooling. 

The ventilation system is CO2-controlled and energy-efficient thanks to heat recovery.


In the windows, triple (3-layer) glass is used which provides extra insulation and protection against noise from outside. These windows are also fitted with heat-reflective glass, ensuring that as much solar radiation as possible is kept out during hot summer periods. 

Finally, water-saving measures and LED lighting with presence sensors in the general area are applied, which also contribute to an energy-efficient and sustainable building.

Condition of delivery

The commercial spaces will be finished in shell without (cement) screed, stairs, wall, floor and ceiling finishes, electricity, plumbing and tiling.

ceiling finishes, electricity, plumbing and tiling.


Any structural modifications desired by the tenant can be included during the realisation of the Lighthouse project by the contractor. This is more favourable than having them carried out after completion.

Zoning plan

The Strijp-S zoning plan adopted by the Municipality of Eindhoven in 2018 applies to the Lighthouse project. This means that only the functions listed in this zoning plan are permitted in this project. In short, a wide range of functions is possible, such as offices, services, (work) studios, various business activities, social facilities (including care), retail, culture and relaxation (including sports) and, to a limited extent, hospitality.

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