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Lighthouse Toren Niko Eindhoven

333 rental apartments
on Strijp-S

Your new apartament starts here!

The steps to renting in Lighthouse from mid-2025. Start here so you are the first to pre-registration.  

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Lighthouse Eindhoven
"The vibrant Strijp-S"

In Eindhoven's vibrant and trendy "Strijp-S" district
rises Lighthouse, the tallest (residential) tower in
Eindhoven A real eye-catcher and stately building
which marks the entrance to Strijp-S. The design of
Lighouse is timeless and meets contemporary
sustainability requirements.

Lighthouse provides space for 333 sustainable rental
apartments ranging from 40m2 to about 130m2.
Construction started in early 2022. The
expected completion is mid-2025.

Walking distance from the train station

Lighthouse Toren Niko Eindhoven Strijp-S


This creative part of Eindhoven has more than
plenty to offer such as funky restaurants and bars,
several art galleries, a lively foodmarket
(including a supermarket), cinema, clothes shops and
much more!

The area is characterised by its unique art and
references to the former Philips factory.

Living in Lighthouse

Find the home that perfectly suits your housing needs
Looking for a home for yourself, together with your partner or with your best friend?
Be inspired by the types of homes that Lighthouse has to offer.

Be the first to take one
peek into Lighthouse! 


View the 360º

Get inspired by the very first images of

the Lighthouse flats!

In the 360º tour, you get a good idea of a

One Bedroom apartment.


Stay informed!

Thanks for the submission!

Lighthouse looks to the future

Duurzaamheid Lighthouse Toren Niko Eindhoven

"Highly valuated"

A sustainable building with high living comfort for the users of Lighthouse is our focus. On the outside, this is visible in the full brick outer façade and aluminium window frames that require virtually no maintenance and will last for generations.


On the inside, this is noticeable in the efficient energy supply that originates from sustainable and local sources. In winter, the floors provide heat and in summer the same floors provide cooling. 

The ventilation system is CO2-controlled and

energy-efficient thanks to heat recovery.


In the windows, triple (3-layer) glass is used which provides extra insulation and protection against noise from outside. These windows are also fitted with

heat-reflective glass, ensuring that as much solar radiation as possible is kept out during hot summer periods. 

Finally, water-saving measures and LED lighting with presence sensors in the general area are applied, which also contribute to an energy-efficient and sustainable building.

Commercial spaces

Your company in Strijp-S?

Lighthouse offers 1,000m2 of modern commercial space. Divided over two floors in the bustling heart of urban Strijp-S in Eindhoven.


Impression Strijp-S



Eindhoven Strijp-S Station: 2 minutes

TU Eindhoven: approx. 15 minutes

Eindhoven Airport: approx. 15 minutes

Tilburg University: approx. 30 minutes

ASML: approx. 25 minutes
Amsterdam center: approx. 1.5 hours
Utrecht center: approx. 1 hour
Antwerp Central Station: approx. 1 hour

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