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  • Where is Lighthouse located?
    Lighthouse will be realised in the fast-growing Strijp-S district, full of funky restaurants, bars and art galleries and much more!
  • What kind of homes will they be?
    Lighthouse will comprise a total of 333 rental apartments, consisting of 232 2-room apartments, 64 studios, 8 FRIENDS apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 20 3-room apartments and finally 9 luxury penthouses on the 3 highest floors of the building.
  • Who is Ligthouse for
    Lighthouse is for anyone ready to build a community with other like-minded people. At Lighthouse, you will soon be able to live, eat, drink, relax and meet up. You can even work from home if you like. We aim for diversity of Eindhoven residents, non-Eindhoven residents, Expats, working people. In short, a mix of people who together form a community.
  • How do I qualify for a property?
    To be allocated a home, you must provide a number of documents when you register so that we can screen you. Most importantly, the house must be a good financial fit so that you can live comfortably. In addition, you should determine for yourself whether Lighthouse's rents fit within your budget. Want to know which rental suits your situation? Then fill in the Nibud rental guide, you can also fill in this advice in your assignment. We will also include this advice in the assignment.
  • I signed up. Now when will I hear something?
    We screen your registration and documentation. After this, you will receive approval or feedback regarding your application. After this, properties are allocated. We try to take your preferences into account as much as possible. We receive many applications, the fact that you have not yet been allocated a home does not necessarily mean that there is no more home for you.
  • How big are the apartments?
    The rental apartments have a total living area of 46 to 129 m2.
  • Measures to prevent discrimination in screening.
    Our staff who do the selection and screening are trained based on the housing discrimination campaign 'Point the door to discrimination'. Once a year, employees receive training on housing discrimination. This means no discrimination based on: Religion, Belief, Political beliefs, Race, Gender, Nationality, Sexual orientation, Marital status, Disability or chronic condition
  • What's in the kitchen?
    The fully equipped kitchen has a fridge-freezer, ceramic hob & combi oven/microwave and dishwasher.
  • Can you visit the property?
    It is not possible to view the properties at Lighthouse, but you can view photos and a 3D tour of all types of homes, which will be shared at a later date.
  • I am employed. What do I have to supply?
    For employed people: We need a copy of your identity document. This can be a Dutch identity card (note: we need the front and back) or it can be a valid passport (Make a secure copy with this App); Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Want to know why it is important to handle your ID data securely? Then read on here. A copy of your last pay slip; Your bank statement showing your salary deposit, including your name and full IBAN; (We use this IBAN to collect monthly hours when you become a tenant)An employer's statement with company stamp (no older than 3 months). Download a blank form to be completed by your employer here. Are you starting a new job? Then request a pro-forma pay slip or upload your acceptance letter from your new employer!
  • I am entrepreneurial. What do I have to offer?
    A valid proof of identity. This can be a Dutch identity card (note: upload front and back! via this app or a valid passport. If applicable, a valid residence permit, work permit or EU passport. Proof of registration via the Chamber of Commerce. Proof of actual demonstrable assignments. Annual statement or tax return. Freelancers and Zzp'ers must submit a positive 'credit check' via Graydon.
  • I haven't completed all the documents yet, now what?
    If you do not yet have all your documents ready, it is best to complete your application only when you have all your documents. If you complete your application without all the correct documents, we will not be able to approve it.
  • How do I pay the rent?
    We will debit your rent from your account around the 28th of each month. You always pay one month in advance. Direct debit is compulsory and is also mentioned on the rental contract.
  • Is a deposit required?
    Yes, a deposit gives the landlord security that he will not end up with unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy. Or with costs to repair damage to the property caused by the tenant. Because the landlord may reimburse unpaid rent or damage caused by you with (part of) the deposit. At Lighthouse, the security deposit is 2x the net rent. Would you rather keep money in your pocket and have the guarantee arranged via a monthly amount? This is possible via SAVEON.
  • Am I eligible for rent allowance?
    Within Lighthouse, you are not eligible for rent allowance.
  • How can I respond to a property?
    Maak een profiel aan en maak je eigen woondossier aan via! De volgende stappen volgen binnenkort, maar je bent in ieder geval al ingeschreven.
  • What if the delivery date changes and I have paid for a full month?
    Will the amount be credited?
  • What are the service charges?
    Service charges are costs that come on top of the bare rent of a property. For example, for internet and TV in your home, general cleaning, utilities related to the common/common areas, work of the community manager (management of the property) and administration costs (5%). Thus, we provide heating, electricity, water, TV/internet (signal provision), furnishing, painting, cleaning and glass washing of the communal areas so that they can be used optimally by our tenants. Furthermore, the apartments are delivered with fire-safe curtains, you can have your ordered packages delivered via the BringMe box if you are not at home and a maintenance plan is included (concerning small repairs, these can be found per attachment in your tenant portal). In terms of security, we ensure there are fire extinguishers, 24-hour service contracts/installation & and security cameras in/around the property. In addition, ventilation systems are cleaned/maintained, we provide greenery such as roof garden, and pest control if required. Finally, non-residential service charges, which include costs for small events/activities organised by The Cohesion, such as community drinks, organised sports activities, or creative workshops. Settlement of service chargesEvery tenant pays monthly service charges in advance. After each calendar year, we prepare a service charge settlement based on the actual costs incurred and your monthly advances. The service charge consists of various components and services that are reflected in your annual statement. Every year in the following year, you will receive your service-charge statement for the last year before 01-07.Service-charge statementEvery tenant pays monthly service charges in advance. After each calendar year, we prepare a service charge statement based on the actual costs incurred and your monthly advances. The service charge consists of various components and services that are reflected in your annual statement. Every year in the following year, you will receive your service charge statement for the last year before 01-07.
  • When will my lease take effect?
    Ligthouse is still under construction. Expected completion is scheduled for May 2025.
  • Which utilities do I need to arrange myself?
    At Lighthouse Eindhoven, you need to switch off three things yourself. Close a heat contact with And of course, then you have to conclude a water contract with BrabantWater. You can also buy 100% sustainable Dutch electricity from our partner SamenOM.
  • Wat zit er in het appartement?
    The apartments are move-in ready. This means that your property already has floor covering (PVC), walls already painted and fireproof curtains. You pay a small amount for this upholstery, which is included in the service costs. In addition, you will already have a kitchen with all the appliances you need and a complete bathroom. In short, pack your bags, arrange your own furniture and get moving! That's living at Lighthouse.
  • Is there bicycle parking?
    Yes, there is a bicycle shed in the building that you can use.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Pets are allowed if they do not cause a nuisance. Any damage caused by the pet or extra cleaning required at check-out will be charged.
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